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Fostering Creative Industries


Our Vision

Tashkeil aims to be the largest leading creative collective consultancy platform that is committed to empowering cultural and creative industries. 

Our Mission

Tashkeil dedicates itself to supporting the development of creative industry ecosystems in developing countries through capacity, community and industry building. We provide creatives with the necessary infrastructure and support so that they may build a sustainable business and help bridge regional small businesses and start-up communities with the broader global market so that they are more effective in promoting their products and growing their businesses.

Our Misson

Our Values



Social Impact



Our Philosophy

Tashkeil's name is inspired by the diacritics of the Arabic language which gives words in Arabic their phonetic framework. The diacritics symbolise the potential of action - how one small change can have a ripple effect. Tashkeil takes that idea of potential and spreading influence and reframes it for the creative community.

Our Strategy

Tashkeil designs programs based on local needs by engaging with stakeholders in identifying solutions and reframing problems. Combining this, with the support of local partners and thorough research, we develop programs and strategies that foster creative and technical capacities of the local creative community. 

Some of the issues that we try to address are: 

  • Lack of information and research programs in creative sectors

  • Lack of continuous training programs in the creative and technical sectors

  • The difficulty for young professionals to access a national and international network for promoting their products and services or to establish interdisciplinary collaboration among professionals 

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